Headmen Ort
Headmen Tor
Headmen Rot
Adherent Om
Heated Morn
Heated Norm
Edema North
Edema Thorn
Meander Hot
Meander Tho
Renamed Hot
Renamed Tho
Teamed Horn
Neared Moth
Endear Moth
Earned Moth
Eared Month
Head Mentor
Methadon Re
Harmed Note
Harmed Tone
Harden Mote
Harden Tome
Hatred Omen
Thread Omen
Dearth Omen
Made Hornet
Made Throne
Dame Hornet
Dame Throne
Mead Hornet
Mead Throne
Admen Other
Admen Throe
Amend Other
Amend Throe
Named Other
Named Throe
Maned Other
Maned Throe
Tandem Hero
Tandem Hoer
Roamed Then
Dreamt Hone
Mated Honer
Mated Heron
Tamed Honer
Tamed Heron
Dean Mother
Anode Therm
Ardent Home
Ranted Home
Anted Homer
Hand Remote
Hand Meteor
Mad Thereon
Dam Thereon
Damn Hetero
Damn Hereto
Nomad Three
Nomad Ether
Nomad There
Random Thee
And Theorem
Adorn Theme
Radon Theme
Methane Rod
Hearten Mod
Earthen Mod
Ethane Dorm
Rename Doth
Meaner Doth
Ahem Rodent
Anthem Redo
Anthem Doer
Anthem Rode
Harem Toned
Harem Noted
Anther Dome
Anther Demo
Anther Mode
Heart Demon
Hater Demon
Earth Demon
Hate Modern
Heat Modern
Marten Hoed
Meant Horde
Tamer Honed
Meat Horned
Mate Horned
Tame Horned
Team Horned
Earn Method
Near Method
Ah Mentored
Ha Mentored
Harm Denote
Math Redone
Torah Emend
Oath Mender
Ma Dethrone
Am Dethrone
Matron Heed
An Mothered
Tan Homered
Ant Homered






Drunkard - Selftitled
Edition of 1
6min endless casette
Recorded in London October 2014
sold with
Sony walkman
Powered mono speaker
10 m leads
Please email to purchase





Drunkard - Selftitled
(Free online full version)
8.16 min MP3






Drunkard - Dim Sum Long Song
Poster with QR code linking to 23:27 min MP3
Recorded in London 2018







Drunkard - Performed at Ch'ien Chien, Copenhagen, January 4th 2019
and streamed live on thelakeradio.com







CCMC 001 20:55 min
CCMC 002 17:05 min
Micro SD Card with SD adapter
Recorded at Ch'ien Chien 2017
HM002 London 2018
€15 incl postage within EU
Please email to purchase













Having Purple Eyes by Diana Duta with Matthieu Levet
+ Drunkard Remix
September 27 2018








HERETICS #15 by Diana Policarpo -
Guest Remix by Drunkard 10/01/2018 12-2pm (GMT)
Drunkard remixing previous Heretics shows,
recorded live at CH'IEN CHIEN Copenhagen 26/12/2017.






Drunkard - Records Are Fake
Edition of 6 CDs in CD walkmans
59 min, Cover art by Spag
Recorded and released in London 2017

Sold out































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